Q: Where are Wild Child Headbands made?

A:  All of our products are proudly designed by the sea, and ethically manufactured by hand in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.
All of our headbands and running belts have all been dyed, cut, sewn, printed and packaged in the USA!

Our headbands & running belts are made from either Spandex or a Lycra Cotton Blend like bathing suit material - very comfortable
and moisture absorbent. 
Our Wild & Warm Fleece Collection is made from high quality non-pilling Fleece. We have a few styles, mostly some of the solid colors, that are
made of a cotton / Lycra blend. These are a bit thinner and lighter weight. The cotton / Lycra headbands are noted in the products' title.
Our new Boho Tie-Behind Headbands are made from the softest Jersey Cotton available!

Q: How many ways can I wear my Wild Child Headband?

We have designed the headbands so they are non-slip with no headaches and you can wear them tons of different ways!
Wear the spandex headbands as thin as 1" to as wide as 4". They can also be worn as a pony tail holder, a neckerchief or a
face mask! Wear bunched, scrunched or flat - you decide how your Wild Child Headband looks best on you!
Our new super soft jersey cotton Boho Tie-Behind Headbands have endless possibilities! These can even be worn as a face cover, scarf, or ear cover when it's cold outside.

Q: When will I get my order?

A: Orders usually ship out within 1-2 business days. During the busy holiday season it may take up to 4 days to process orders.
Flat rate shipping takes 3-10 days via USPS. You'll get an email with the tracking number once your order ships.

Q: What is the best way to wear my headband to make sure it stays put?

A: Wear your headband at least 1 inch down your forehead to ensure a non-slip fit!

Q: Are your headbands one size fits all?

A: They are one size fits ALMOST everyone! The lyrca fabric contours to most sized heads.
The Wild & Warm Fleece headbands stretch from 20-24 inches. If you feel you have an extra small or large head, we are happy to customize a size for you!

Q: Are your headbands tapered in the back?

A: Yes, the spandex headbands are tapered to one inch in the back which helps keep them secure and comfy.  Our product images and
details include helpful information about how our headbands are made.

Q: How do I wash my headbands?

A: The easiest way to wash them is a simple rinse in the sink and hang to dry.  ​

Q: Why is my card declining?

A: If your card is declining your billing address may not match, or you may have insufficient funds. Sometimes when your card declines,
there will be a pending charge on your account but you will not be charged.

Q: When do I get charged for my order?

A: When you place your order, we authorize the amount on your card. You will not get charged until the order ships. If you paid with
PayPal however, you will be charged immediately.

Q: Do you offer discounts and promos?

A: YES!  Sign up for our e-mails and make sure to follow our social media accounts for the latest discounts and giveaways!



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